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I declare this blog officially closed. OUT OF BUSINESS.

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New TV Season – The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Scandal

The New TV season means many hours of my valuable time spent in awe of imaginary worlds and enjoying blissful escapism. Here’s a little preview of the shows, old and new, that I’m looking forward to.

We’ve got a triple feature today since Holy Joss Whedon Batman there’s a lot of shows airing on Thursday nights!

First up:

The Vampire Diaries (October 3rd — TODAY!)


I’ll admit I was a little disappointed by last season’s finale. The final scene, to be exact. Character switch-a-roos are my least favorite plot devices, and to be quite frank, Silas bored me to tears. I really hope TVD takes a page out of Once Upon a Time‘s book and resolves the “Stefan is stuck in a box in water just like Angel was” very quickly.

That’s the negative. The positive, though, is that Elena is slowly gaining agency (with no help from the Salvatore brothers), Caroline is still amazing and we’ve seen a whole bunch of characters we thought we’d never see again! With The Originals firmly implanted in New Orleans, I can’t wait to witness the feel of the show shift and return its focus on the original “Mystic Fallers”. As long as Matt Donovan lives, and Bonnie’s character development can suck a little less, I’ll be very happy.

The Originals (October 3rd — TODAY!)

The Originals

The Originals is the second “new show” I’m looking forward to this year. I was left intrigued by the back-door pilot, if a little underwhelmed by Hayley’s storyline. I didn’t really find her compelling when she was in Mystic Falls (though I loved to hate her), so I was curious to see how The Originals would handle her. Turns out they’re giving her purpose through pregnancy, which I’m not really fond of. The back-door pilot featured Elijah talking about family to Klaus, and how this baby was their second chance… all without mentioning Hayley.

Overall, though, I’m feeling optimistic. The mythology was always my favorite part of TVD, and the original vampires are very entertaining. I absolutely love Rebekah, and anything set in Louisiana already wins in my book. Also, I get the feeling witchcraft will be receiving a better treatment on this show than in TVD; I’m looking forward to witches being actual characters as opposed to plot devices.

Side note: every week I will be highlighting a character that I consider the “winner” of the episode on Fantastic Fangirls. Also, you can read my “Skipping to Conclusions” about The Originals, written last January.

Scandal (October 3rd — TODAY!)


This show is like candy. I started it this summer and could hardly stop watching, as episode after episode streamed in front of me. This wonderfully flawed, sometimes incorrectly righteous, fiercely loyal cast of characters make even the most boring subject (the undercover goings-on of politics in a foreign country) interesting. And what to say of Olivia Pope? She’s the heroine I’ve been lacking since Buffy; in fact, given enough time, I’m sure I could write up an accurate comparison of the two. Even if she sometimes loses her way, the white hat is never far behind her, and she inspires courage and greatness. It’s a wonder she loves someone as bland as Fitz, but hey, what’re you gonna do.


Updates: I feel strangely motivated about schoolwork, but my health hasn’t been the best lately; it’s preventing me from launching headfirst in super-intellectually driven tasks as my head hurts more frequently than not. Right this moment, actually, I’m feeling hardcore tennis ball eyes, a tell-tale sign that a migraine is just around the corner. My shoulders feel tense, like a robot is pinching them with vice grips. I’ve had a migraine once a week since coming back from Moncton. This is not normal, and it is definitely affecting my everyday life. I’m just. so. sick. of it.

New TV Season – Once Upon a Time

The New TV season means many hours of my valuable time spent in awe of imaginary worlds and enjoying blissful escapism. Here’s a little preview of the shows, old and new, that I’m looking forward to.

Once Upon a Time (September 29th — TODAY!)


OUAT is premiering it’s third season tonight, and I’m glad I haven’t had to wait for it all Summer. I had to let OUAT fall by the wayside last year as I had too much TV to watch and too little time. Plus, The split story lines, with Emma and Snow in the Enchanted Forest and the rest of the characters in Storybrooke, was compelling but not addictive. I knew I would get back to it, but I was willing to let it sit for awhile.

A few weeks back, I had a couple shows to choose from to catch up with. Some Twitter friends highly suggested OUAT, saying the second half of the season was well worth it.

They were right.

I thoroughly enjoyed that Cora became “the villain”, as opposed to Regina, who was trying (and subsequently failed) to redeem herself for Henry. The family dynamics got weird but interesting, and the trips to fairytale-land were always charming. The only thing I was less than pleased with was the handling of August. Did they really have to make him a boy again? That was uncalled for, and frankly, a little bizarre. Even with that blip on the radar, I was very excited when, during the season finale, a rag-tag bunch of my favorite characters decided to board Hook’s ship to try and rescue Henry. I cannot wait to watch the interactions between these people; they all have a LOT of history between them. I’m also curious as to how the various story lines will co-exist in a single episode; we have Hook’s ship, Henry on Neverland, Neal in the Enchanted Forest with Aurora/Mulan/Another Prince, the cast of characters left behind in Storybrooke, and… who exactly are Tamara and Greg working for? Peter Pan?… I have a feeling things will be rushed. Does this mean that we won’t be privy to flashbacks in the Enchanted Forest? I hope they can maintain a good balance between all of these conflicted stories.

Regardless, I’m excited. Only a few hours left to go!

New TV Season – Parenthood

The New TV season means many hours of my valuable time spent in awe of imaginary worlds and enjoying blissful escapism. Here’s a little preview of the shows, old and new, that I’m looking forward to.

Parenthood (September 26th — TODAY!)


Parenthood is a new-ish addition to my roster of shows I’m keeping up with week to week. As with most shows I’ve picked up in the last few years, Twitter was my introduction to it. I kept reading intriguing tweets about all the “feels” this show was giving people, and how brilliant it consistently was. Suffice to say, they peeked my interest. I gave the pilot a shot, and it instantly won me over. Why?

Lauren Graham.

I love Gilmore Girls (though I’m a little embarrassed to say that I haven’t even finished the series yet), but I adore, I repeat ADORE Lorelai Gilmore. (And Rory. Because don’t ask me to pick.) I had no idea that Lauren Graham played a main character in the Braverman family; again, like most shows I pick up, I go into it blind.

This is definitely a case of coming in for Lauren Graham, and staying for everyone else. What a fantastic cast: every actor brings so much to these three dimensional, wonderfully flawed characters.

So I’m very much looking forward to season 5. Not only because most of the characters are entering “phase 2” of their lives (Kristina post-cancer, Amber post-almost-engagement, Joel and Julia post-adoption) and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them, but also because I’ll be resuming my role as recapper and reviewer of Parenthood for Heroine TV. This means I’ll be watching this show with a different set of eyeballs — my eyes of a critic. It takes a lot of energy to dissect an episode critically, but I’m really looking forward to it.

Also, I’ll get to emotionally connect with Julia again. Yay! (I have a habit of connecting with the oddest characters.)

New TV Season – Grey’s Anatomy

The New TV season means many hours of my valuable time spent in awe of imaginary worlds and enjoying blissful escapism. Here’s a little preview of the shows, old and new, that I’m looking forward to.

Grey’s Anatomy (September 26th)

Greys S10


Ah, Grey’s. Like most of the shows I currently enjoy, I didn’t start watching it when the pilot came out. Season 5 was on the air while I was binging season after season, under the covers in my childhood bedroom. I had never watched anything quite like this; it was one of the first “adult-y” show I watched, which quite contrasted to the teenage sci-fi and romance I was consuming at the time. Last year, I tried to put into words for Fantastic Fangirls why I was enjoying Grey’s, and looking forward to it every week. This is what I came up with:

Capture d’écran 2013-09-23 à 08.54.09


These reasons still stand after the ending of Season 9. Season 10 is about to start, and I couldn’t be more excited. There is no other show currently on the air that give me as many chills and feelings as Grey’s does. The characters on the screen? They are people, to me. And I know this is supposed to be a “silly”, soapy TV show. I know this, and for many years I even hid the fact that I was religiously watching it. But I’m done hiding it now, because, dammit, it’s good. No one should be ashamed to love something that makes them feel.

PS, this is Cristina Yang’s last season and I don’t think I can talk about this without crying. I’ll let Sandra Oh do the talking; the article is long, but it is well-worth the read.

New TV Season – Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

New TV season means many hours of my valuable time spent in awe of imaginary worlds and enjoying blissful escapism. Here’s a little preview of the shows, old and new, that I’m looking forward to.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (September 24th)

Ah, yes. The most highly anticipated series premiere of the Fall 2013 schedule. I don’t care that this show is being hyped up everywhere, because the truth is, I am so excited for it to start.

I haven’t looked forward to a new show like this in, well, forever. I’m always very careful around pilot season, preferring to let others watch and critic before plunging in a new series. I find it’s a tremendous waste of time to get invested in characters and their dynamics when the networks can just pull the plug a few weeks in. The only exception I made was last year’s Arrow, and even then I only started watching in October, when I felt the bases were solid.

I’m feeling the total opposite towards Agents of SHIELD. I haven’t invested myself in the characters already (there’s a bunch of previews and character bios on their website already), but I’ve been reading interviews by the producers and show runners. I love Jed Whedon and Mo Tancharoen. They’re good at everything they do; I loved their Dollhouse episodes, their music, and, of course, Dr. Horrible. I haven’t watched Spartacus, but I place all of my faith in them, and I believe they will pull it off with flying colors. Plus, Joss Whedon is overseeing things, which… A NEW WHEDON SHOW. ON TV. I swear, I can barely contain my excitement.

As for the subject matter per say, I’m a relatively new convert to Marvel (I used to be a DC girl, mostly because of Superman); I don’t know much about SHIELD, other than their storyline in Civil War. Regardless, I find the human element the key draw here, and I love the world the Marvel movies have created, so I cannot see how a show featuring Agent Coulson could fail. I hope J. August Richards is there to stay, and I hope we get to know some less well-known superheroes.

Overall, though, I hope that Agents of SHIELD will be a kick ass ensemble show.

5 days and counting!

New TV Season – Bones

New TV season means many hours of my valuable time spent in awe of imaginary worlds and enjoying blissful escapism. Here’s a little preview of the shows, old and new, that I’m looking forward to.

Bones (September 16th)


I had forgotten to add Bones to my guide. I’d actually forgotten everything about it! I had to ask Sarah about the season 8 finale because I didn’t remember what happened, or what the stakes were for this season. We had a discussion about it afterwards…

BigDamnTVGeekAnd I guess that’s the gist of it, really. It’s been running for so long that I really had to think about what drew me to this show in the first place, since I’m not big on procedurals. The answer is twofold: my mom watches it, and sometimes I’d join her on the couch and catch the final 20 minutes. I’d always ask her what was going on, who was dating who, and the characters really piqued my interest. Also, David Boreanaz. On my screen. As something other than Angel. So one Christmas vacation, maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I popped in the season 1 DVD and binged until the middle of season 4. I remember very clearly the episode that made me fall in love with Bones:


“The Man in the Fallout Shelter” – the first Christmas episode. It’s the first episode where the various characters just… clicked. I always like the shows where a bunch of characters, thrown together by work or fate, become a family. And that’s why I keep watching, I think. For literal family: Cam and Michelle and Finn, Booth and Parker and Christine, Temperance and her Dad, Angela and Hodgins and Michael… But for figurative family, too: for Bones and her squinterns, for Bones and Angela, Hodgins and Booth, Cam and the squinters, and all of them together. I guess a big part of it is that I hate quitting shows when I’m invested. And I feel like I’m invested in Bones, but I won’t let myself be shackled by it. I may start watching weekly, but if it gets tiresome (ie, if the Pelant thing gets more annoying than it already is), I’ll let it go and come back to it later. Because, like I told a friend today, “it’s a procedural with a heart”:

Capture d’écran 2013-09-16 à 12.42.11